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Venus in Virgo and Mars OPP Jupiter EP 90

On the Weekly Awakening we go over the Transits, Mars Opp Jupiter and Venus in Virgo. These transits help us gain consciousness with our faith by making what's uncomfortable, visible to us. Am I allowing the shifts of life to flow or am I resisting them?  

New Moon in Cancer, Mercury Sq Neptune, Venus Sq Uranus

This week on The Weekly Awakening, we have a  New Moon in Cancer and a Lot of tricky Venus aspects. Sometimes the Universe and the planets do for you, what you can't do for yourself but no matter what happens, This to shall pass. This and so much more on episode 89. 

@jenna.monaco EP 88 The Empath Episode

Jenna is an intuitive psychic and medium, modern mystic, writer, and host of the Spark Intention Podcast. She’s been certified as a stress coach, meditation and mindfulness teacher, and embodiment facilitator and uses this knowledge as the foundation for her work. Now she has dedicated her life to working with soulpreneurs who hear the calling to embody their intuition and take their sacred work and life to the next level.



On this episode, we talk about mental health and the many gifts that come with being an empath and how to work WITH this power while keeping yourself energetically cleansed and recharged.

Jupiter Retrograde and Full Moon in Capricorn EP 87

This week on The Weekly Awakening, we talk about Jupiter Retrograde and how this transit is going to be about spiritual reflection and maintenance. Plus everything you need to know about this week's Full Moon in Capricorn with a sextile to Jupiter, giving us extra faith and support for all Full Moon Matters. 

Briana Rehberg @manemystic EP 86

Episode 86 with Briana Rehberg aka Bri Bird is an intuitive healer, beauty ritualist, and teacher. Founder of Mane Mystic an online lighthouse for spiritual seekers and soulful hairdressers. You can learn more about what she is creating by signing up for her email list here: . On this Episode, Bri tells us all about her spiritual journey and how that path lead her to become a Hair Healer.


Mars Into Leo, Saturn Sq Uranus Shedding light on our pride and ego EP 85

This week on The Weekly Awakening we have Mars moving into Leo, Shedding light on our pride and ego and the fear of confrontation. Saturn Squaring  Uranus breaks down the resistance we have to change and showing us the Karma of our actions. 

Solar eclipse in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, The Weekly Awakening Podcast Ep 84

EP 84 Solar Eclipse in Gemini and Venus in cancer. This week we take a look at how we can use these energies to heal the Mother wound and heal ourselves by forgiving others.  

Mercury Retrograde EP 83

On The Weekly Awakening Podcast, Surviving Mercury Retrograde: The Do's, Dont's, and everything in between. 

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and Saturn Retrograde EP 82

This week on, The Weekly Awakening Podcast, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Saturn Retrograde, and a renewed sense of faith and hope around accomplishments. 

Marina Chupac @thehippielawyer EP 81

On The Weekly Awakening this week, I sit with Marina Chupac @thehippielawyer to talk about how she Co-developed a criminal defense Law Firm that also doubles as a healing space for her clients. Marina also brings an important message about how not all spiritual awakenings have to begin from a rock bottom or dark place.
Marina Chupac is a partner at her criminal defense law firm, Zupac Law from metro Detroit, Michigan. She has a wellness studio located in the basement of her law office, Zupac Life. She hosts a variety of events centered around healthy and balanced living- including yoga, sound healing, family dinners, and more. She is multi-faceted soul and space holder for the humans in her community seeking support in transforming their lives. Find her on facebook and instagram: @thehippielawyer, @zupaclaw, and @zupaclife to learn more!
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