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Lunar eclipse in Scorpio and Mars conjunct Neptune Ep 133

The Lunar eclipse brought feelings of sorrow, loss, and deep emotional/transformative healing. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces brings action to our spiritual maintenance.

Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter in Venus, Sun Sq Saturn EP 132

This is not going to be an easy week but we go over some survival tips. tips, and awareness with this week's astro transits.

Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Aries EP 131

Mercury in Gemini is wanting us to express ourselves in our most authentic way and Venus in Aries in bringing the sexy and strong divine masculine/feminine dance into our lives.

Solar Eclipse in Taurus, Venus conjoining Jupiter/Neptune EP 130

This is a very POSITIVE Solar eclipse with new beginnings in Venus ruled things, love, friendship, joy, kids, and pleasure.

Sun in Taurus, Mars in Pisces EP 129

On this weeks episode we go over the slower paced life with Sun in Taurus and feeling the deeply buried emotions with Mars in Pisces. Last week's dynamic Full Moon gave us a deeper look into our intimate connections.  

JUPITER/NEPTUNE conjunction, Mercury in Taurus, and FULL MOON in Libra EP 128

We go over this once in a lifetime Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, adding positive growth to our lives. Mercury in Taurus is about finding a deeper connection with self through nature and seeking spiritual connection.  

Venus in Pisces and Mars Conjunct Saturn EP 127

Venus is finally in her freedom and glory now that she is in Pisces bringing new beginnings and positive growth to relationships, joy, pleasure, kids, and friendships. The 2 malefic's Mars and Saturn are conjoining bringing structure to our passion and drive, as well as creating boundaries with something destructive.

Mercury and a New Moon in Aries EP 126

Lots of action, passion, and severing happening in Aries this week. Plus we go over Venus conjunct Saturn and how last weeks Mercury/Neptune conjunct played out in my life with ppl stealing my Instagram Identity. 

Mercury conjoining Jupiter/Neptune and Mars squaring Uranus EP 125

A confused and sad Mercury is Conjoining Neptune/Jupiter, giving us great insight about dreaming big and how to find faith but also revealing our own bullshit to us simultaneously. Mars square Uranus is gonna make life a little disruptive, chaotic and impulsive. 

Dr. Varun Gandhi, Wellness entrepreneur EP 124

New interview episode with Dr. Varun Gandhi, Wellness entrepreneur. After going through a heartbreak and career change, Varun hit a spiritual rock-bottom that opened his eyes to mind, body, and soul health. On this episode we discuss his  wellness cleanse products, how water should be one of the main game players for our health,  and what his daily spiritual maintenance looks like.



Dr. Varun Gandhi

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